A Family Affair (Cassandra Palmer

“A Family Affair” by Karen Chance

“A Family Affair” {2011} — #4.1 in the Cassandra Palmer series by Karen Chance.

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"A Family Affair" is a novella in the Cassandra Palmer series set between Curse the Dawn, Cassie Palmer #4, and Hunt the Moon, Cassie Palmer #5. It contains spoilers for Cassie Palmer books 1-4. The sequel is "Shadowland". It is designed primarily as an "added feature" to the series, and is intended for those already reading the books.

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John Pritkin is a war mage pledged to protect the newest Pythia, Cassandra Palmer. He’s also half-human and half-demon (an incubus to be precise). His father is Lord Rosier, ruler and master of all incubi. John hates him, and all other demons and as a result, he’s become a most formidable demon hunter. Which makes it just peachy that Rosier’s decided to pay his son a visit. What he wants is to make a deal. He’ll leave Cassie alone (he hasn’t in the past) if Pritkin traps an escaped ancient demon battle queen for him.

To keep Cassie safe, Pritkin enlists the help of Casanova, manager of Dante’s (a hell themed casino in Vegas, and Cassie’s current place of residence) and incubus-inhabited vampire. Basically, Casanova has got to keep Cassie out of trouble… or else. Which is a task that sounds far easier than it actually is.

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