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The Demon Council's personal guards.

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The Allu run errands for the Demon Council, especially when the Council wanted someone dead.


They are freakishly strong, extremely fast, they don't feel pain because they don't have bodies—they're basically empty animated suits of armor.

Tempt the Stars: They came out of the Shadowland in a storm to claim John Pritkin for breaking the edict laid on him by returning to Earth. A battle ensued in Dante's Casino lobby between the Allu and Rosier, Pritkin, Cassie, Caleb, Casanova. [1]


  • Unkillable
  • Found in the Shadowlands
  • Don't uses magic spells
  • Tiny control gem located in forehead between where eyes would be.

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  1. Tempt the Stars, ch. 19

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