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Augustine is a magical fashion designer.

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  • Makes magical clothing.


  • Magical Fashion Designer and shop owner
  • Owns a designer clothing shop in the lobby of Dante's Casino.

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  • Ethereal, tall, blond, elfin-like [2]

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  • The Circle pays him to help them because he's part Fey.
  • No Arcane magic can make the gown he makes.[4]

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Jules got hexed by one of Augustine's spells when he tried to get clothes for Cassie to wear. His fingers were cruelly melded together and the spell kept growing till Jules was encased in flesh.[5] The spell he used to ward his shop was a "perverted Brownie spell, inverted to harm rather than help—according to one of the witches. Caleb says that the spell Jules ran into was now simply a shoplifting spell, but one of the "Special Order" spells (weapons spell) he'd been working on tor the Corps[6]

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