Caleb Carter

Caleb Carter — War Mage for he Silver Circle

Caleb Carter — Character, War Mage

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Caleb Carter is from the Cassie Palmer series, making his debut in Curse the Dawn as one of Pritkin's friends and a fellow war mage who knows when to bend a rule. In Hunt the Moon, he also becomes the only person, aside from Cassie, to learn the truth about his friend's less-than-conventional background. Then, in Tempt the Stars, he subs for the absent Pritkin, helping Cassie on an insane rescue attempt straight into the jaws of hell.

All in a day's work when you're a member of the War Mage Corps.

Here he is on another typical day, chasing a bus-sized, homicidal dragon through the darkened streets of Las Vegas. Like you do. ~

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Human Mage

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  • Magic
  • War magic
  • Alchemy


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Caleb is first seen in this book.

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