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The Corps is the official name for the organization of War Mages in the Silver Circle. They are the law enforcement branch of the Circle. 

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War Mages had different branches—each focusing on a different Supe category—vamps, weres, demons, Fey, and magical creatures like dragons.[1]

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  • They are generally a lot more fanatical about their job than human police are. 
  • They had a liscense to kill and believed in using it.


  • Used a mountain trail in the foothills of the Rockies as a training ground. (Pritkin had taken Cassie hiking there.)[2]


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Jules got hit by a nasty spell when getting clothes for Cassie from Augustine's shop. According to Caleb Carter, a War Mage, the spell had to be one of the special orders Augustine was developing for the Corps.[5]

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