Dark Fey

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  • Iron: Iron sickness—It saps Fey energy, tears through their defenses like silver does to a were.[1]

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  • The Fey in general anre not considered trustworthy—but at least the dark have rules. [2]

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Slaving WitchesEdit

  • The Light Fey are buying fertile magic users to help with the population shortage, that's what's going to happen fairly soon. And then the light will rule all of Faerie. The Dark Fey have traced the problem to Tony, and they are angry. They can't afford for the light Fey to outbreed them.[3]

Light Fey vs Dark FeyEdit

  • The Light Fey have been making things difficult for the Dark Fey causing a rise in illegal alien Dark Fey crossing into the mortal world—Gargoyles in particular. [4]

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  • Legendary for their gruesomeness.[5]



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  • Most can't interbreed with humans
  • Have a far lower birthrate than the Light Fey
  • Heavy losses means their numbers are greatly reduced.[6]

Features of Faerie of the Dark Fey Edit

  • Dark enchanted forest
  • Dark Fey spies:
    • sentient trees with dangerous moving tree roots
    • Flora and fauna are used as spies by the Dark Fey. [7]
  • Small Town of Dark Fey: has a pub with Kit Marlowe's contacts. [8]

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