Midnight's Daughter (Dorina Basarab -1) by Karen Chance

Midnight's Daughter (Dorina Basarab #1) by Karen Chance

Dorina Basarab series written by Karen Chance.

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These books tell the story of the Dhampir daughter of Mircea Basarab, a major figure in the Cassie Palmer series. A number of crossover characters and plotlines connect the two series, which can be viewed as one.

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So far, there are three novels about Dory: Midnight's Daughter, Death's Mistress and Fury's Kiss. The first Dorina (Midnight's Daughter) can be read after the second Cassie (Claimed by Shadow) because it concludes the storyline begun in that book. Or, if you wish to read chronologically, it can be read after Embrace the Night, the third Cassie, which it overlaps. The novella, "Buying Trouble" (available in the On the Prowl anthology or by itself as an ebook) should be read before the start of the Dorina series, as it sets up some of the conflicts of that book. It is not necessary to understand or enjoy the novel, however.

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Dorina Basarab is a Dhampir (vampire/human hybrid) assassin. Not quite enough of either species, Dorina's kind is rare and doesn't fit anywhere in either society. It doesn't help that she is subject to rages that cause her to black out and endanger not only those around her, but herself as well. Dorina is the daughter of the great and powerful Mircea Basarab.

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  1. Midnight's Daughter (2008)
  2. Death's Mistress (2010)
  3. Fury's Kiss (2012)
  4. Untitled ()

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