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"Druid is a combination of human magic—pre-Circle—and fey. It's the kind of magic a certain witch coven (Zara, Evelyn, & Beatrice) uses.

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The Witches use a reserve of power to augment their own, generated by the earth itself—the song of the sky, the land, the seas.

“The combination allows us to borrow directly from the earth’s natural well of power to augment our own, instead of using talismans to slowly gather it up. Being on earth requires altering the spells somewhat, which is why it is considered a distinct system from that of the fey. But it works quite well, I assure you.” [1]

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  • It's wilder, more flexible, more intuitive magic of nature than Alchemy of the mages.

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6. Tempt the Stars Edit

Caleb Carter gets into an argument with Zara (aka Jasmine) about Druid Magic vs. Alchemy Magic, or "Hard Magic" of the Mages of the Silver Circle[2]

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  2. Tempt the Stars, ch. 24, p. 286

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