Elizabeth O'Donnell, aka Artemis—Cassandra Palmer's mother

Elizabeth O'Donnell, aka Cassie's Mother — First mentioned in Touch the Dark (as Cassie's mother) — See also: Artemis

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Elizabeth O'Donnell is Cassie's Mother's maiden name before she married Roger Palmer. It was her name when she was a Pythia Acolyte and Heir to the Pythia throne.

Elizabeth O'Donnell was onetime heir to the Pythia throne. She was disgraced and dismissed after she eloped with Roger Palmer, an employee of Antonio Gallina, a crime mob boss in Philadelphia.[1]

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  • Pythia Acolyte

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  • Clairvoyant


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  • Smelled like rose talcum powder to Cassie—she still remembers her by that smell.[2]

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  • Her mother somehow transferred it to Cassie before she was killed. [3]

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➢ See main article: Magical Paperweight Snare

  • Shortly before Roger Palmer and Cassie's Mom and their Buick were blown into a million pieces, Cassie's mother had done something that had linked her soul to Roger's So when Roger’s spirit was captured in the Magical Trap that Tony had devised, hers went along with it.[4]

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  • According to Pritkin, Elizabeth O'Donnell was an unclean vessel because she was not a virgin.[5]
  • Agnes loaned her ward to her Heir (Elizabeth O'Donnell) for a training exercise right before she eloped with some loser. Naturally, she didn't bother to give it back first. (This is the ward that Cassie has on her back.) [6]
  • Agnes trained her for ten years, loved her like a daughter. And when she took up with Cassie's father, Agnes forbade it, telling herself that I was doing her a favor, he was a member of the vampire mafia. [7]

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Elizabeth O'Donnell, Cassandra Palmer's mother had an affair with Cassie's father, a vampire's servant. And worse, she hid it from the Silver Circle until she became pregnant with Cassie and ran away with him.[8]

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Cassie overhears Mircea Basarab talking to Kit Marlowe about Elizabeth O'Donnell when Cassie and Jonas Marsden traveled back in time to Tony's Court to find the Magical Paperweight Snare.[10]

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"She (Cassie's mother) was the heir," Pritkin told me, his lips thin with rage. "She had to be pure, untouched, as she knew very well. But she had an affair with your father, a vampire's servant! And worse, she hid it from the Circle until she became pregnant with you and ran away with him. Who knows what would have happened to the power, had we let it fill an unclean vessel?" — John Pritkin to Cassandra Palmer, Touch the Dark [11]

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