Embrace the Night is Claimed by Shadow is book #3 of the Cassandra Palmer series.

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  • Cassie Palmer: the Pythia
  • John Pritkin: a deadly war mage turned rogue from the Silver Circle, is doing his best to keep her alive.
  • Billy Joe: is her ghost ally who is supposed to keep an eye on things.
  • Eugenie: was the governess who taught Cassie so many useful skills.
  • Nick: is another mage with a preference for research.
  • Mircea: a first level master vampire, placed a too-adaptable dúthracht geis on Cassie when she was a kid, only he didn’t take time travel into account.
  • Rafe: is one of Tony’s vampires who has devolved back to Mercia. A vampire, he was Raphael, a great artist during the Renaissance. Now, he’s struggling to deliver a message.
  • Tony: When Tony committed treason, Mircea confiscated everything Tony owned, including Dante’s and Casanova
  • Casanova: an incubus who possessed a vampire. He’s interpreted Mercia’s order to assist Cassie in his own special way.
  • Randy: is an incubus who works at Dante’s.
  • Horatiu:, Mercia’s manservant, is a mistake made in gratitude.
  • Alphonse: is Tony’s right-hand man and chief thug with some scary hobbies.
  • Sal: is Alphonse's moll with very definite ideas about how Cassie projects herself. She does have a position to fill, after all.
  • Kit Marlowe: was a famous Elizabethan playwright before he was turned. Now he’s the Consul‘s spymaster.
  • Consul:
  • Empress Ming-de: heads up the Asian senate.
  • Radella is a pixie whom we first met in Touch the Dark, 1, and again in Claimed by Shadow, 2, when she helped free Cassie and troupe in exchange for a precious rune. Now she’s the
  • Saleh is a djinn who caught the wrong person’s attention.
  • Apollo: is anxious for Herophile to obtain the Codex.
  • Augustine: is a dress designer who creates the most marvelous designs: constantly changing embroidery, colors that change to reflect your mood, and more.
  • Francoise: is a witch from the 1700s who survived her death and slavery, and much prefers hanging with Cassie.
  • Tamika Hodges:
  • Tami’s Misfit Mafia
    • Tamika Hodges ran her own homeless shelter for magically endowed kids, which is how Cassie met her.
    • Jesse a Fluke; Tami's fiery son; Jesse brought the misfits who escaped to Cassie for help.
    • Jeannie is clairvoyant;
    • Astrid is a null which helps calm the kids’ powers down; and, one of ’em’s a necromancer.
  • Dark Fae King’s liaison, there to ensure Cassie and crew look for the Codex Merlini as promised. She also intends to drag Françoise back into slavery.
  • Manassier is a grandfatherly looking mage with a map.
  • Lord Rosier: is lord of the incubi—and Pritkin’s dad! The Vixen Vigilante is busy helping imprisoned children escape and blowing up prisons.
  • Vixen Vigilante: helps imprisoned children escape and blows up prisons


  • Silver Circle: is a group of light magic users who want their own tame Pythia. And if it takes killing off the current Pythia? Well, they’re cool with that.
  • Black Circle: dark magic users with no scruples about how they obtain what they desire.
  • Crystal Gazing: magical scadall tabloid

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