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Eugenie was a vampire in Tony's court who was Cassie's governess and only real caretaker as a child. Tony acquired Eugenie and tutors from other masters shortly after Cassie's arrival at court and didn't know anything about the operation before then.[1]

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  • Vampire

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  • General vampire abilities
  • Some powers of magic
  • Shielded in mist—worked for her[2]


  • Governess

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  • Truly cared for Cassie

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  • Gave Cassie her self-fortune-telling Tarot cards[3]
  • Liked to dress Cassie in high-necke, late Victorian style dresses. 
  • Taught Cassie how to use her own energy field,—aura—to build a shield again ghost trails that would distract her her from her lessons.[4]
  • Cassie bought her a locket for her birthday-ended up keeping it after she found Billy Joe inside of it.[5]
  • The tarot deck was the only thing Eugenie had given her.[6]

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  • Gave her a magical Tarot Deck[7]
  • Instructed Cassie on Wards and how to use her aura to self-protect against ghost trails.[8]
  • Taught her to properly curtsey[9]
  • Very strict about not letting Cassie see any kind of torture in Tony's Court[10]
  • Taught her appropriate attire for young ladies—long skits and high-necked blouses.[11] and made such dresses for her.[12]
  • Taught her the greek and Roman myths as part of her schoolwork.[13]
  • guarded her like a hawk—never let anyone use her sexually.[14]
  • warned Cassie not to let Tony know that she could see ghosts.[15]

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Eugenie had been acquired from another court and didn't know anything about the operation at Tony's Court. [16]

Tony wrote to Cassie explaining how he'd had Jimmy torture Eugenie to find out what Casie was doing. Vamps can take a lot of abuse, and Genie loved Cassie; it took a long time to break her, but, He wrote that he'd left Cassie the body since he knew how much she had meant to her. [17]

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1. Touch the DarkEdit

She gave Cassie an enchanted Tarot deck and had a charm put on it by a witch.[18] Eugenie taught Cassie how to create shields in order to protect herself from the distraction of the numerous ghost trails.[19] She was strict about Cassie not being exposed to the tortures and horrors of Tony's Court.[20] Cassie had bought a locket necklace for Eugenie—turned out to contain a spirit—Billy Joe—She kept the locket an gave her a handkerchief instead. She didn't know anything about Cassie's parents since she arrived after their death—neither did she know anything about Tony's operation.[21] Tony had Jimmy the Rat torture Eugenie to find out what Cassie was doing. It took a long time to get any info from her because she loved Cassie. Tony had left her the body. [22]

She made Cassie wear her hair long and wear long skirts with high-necked blouses—what she considered to be appropriate attire for young ladies.[23] She taught Cassie the myths of the Greeks and the Romans as part of her schooling.[24] Part of the reason that Cassie was still a virgin was that Eugenie watched her like a hawk.[25] She told Cassie not to let Tony know that she could see ghosts—she only understood why later that Tony would have used her for that ability as well.[26] Myra was wearing the same high-necked gown that Eugenie would have approved of.[27]

2. Claimed by ShadowEdit

Cassie recalls how Eugenie explained to her about how and why vampires go into healing trances. [28]

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6. Tempt the StarsEdit

Eugenie would have like the way the young woman in the kitchen—Rhea Silvanus—was dressed in a high-necked nineteenth century dress that looked like something "Wendy Darling" would have worn.[29]

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8. Ride the StormEdit

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