Faerie — the land of Fey beings and creatures.

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Faerie is the land of the Fey. It is divided into two groups—the Light Fey and the Dark Fey


  • The official portals into Faerie are well-guarded and have set targets.
  • One of the Runes of Langgarn can transport its user from any point on Earth to any point in Faerie.[1]
  • Those who enter Faerie without passes get an automatic death sentence.[2]

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  • Time doesn't flow the same way in Faerie—people may enter months apart yet arrived on the same day, or decades may have passed—no pattern has been detected.[2]

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  • Claire found lavender (antiseptic) and pretty yellow calendula flowers (stem blood flow and reduce scarring) on the drying rack in a shack she was hiding in with Heidar in Faerie. She made tea of it.[4]
  • Some spirits manifest there; [5]
  • Faerie is a scary place, even when it isn't on the brink of war. Few would want to go near the place right now.[5]
  • The sun in Faerie doesn't harm vampires. [2]
  • There are no ghosts in Faerie.[6]

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  • Roving roots follow Cassie around—they consumed her sweat. [2]
  • Flora and fauna are used as spies by the Dark Fey—ospreys, eagles, owls, a few vultures, some small mammals had congregated in the trees watching the intruders. [2]

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2. Claimed by ShadowEdit

Tony, Rasputin, and Myra have been hiding out in Faerie.[7] Cassie, John Pritkin, Mac, Billy Joe, and Pritkin's Golem go to Faerie to find Myra and bring her back. Kit Marlowe grabbed on and came along. Tomas was brought along after being rescued from the Senate. In the enchanted forest while Pritkin ran an errand with Billy Joe and his Golem Cassie was nearly raped and Mac was killed by Oak Men and buried under roots.[2]

Cassie awakes in a cell. Pritkin negotiated an exit agreement for them with Radella in exchange for casting Jera the fertility rune. Tomas is brought into her cell by Francoise. [8] Tomas and Cassie complete the Pythia ritural and Cassie becomes Pythia. The Duthracht Geis was not removed as was hoped. Francoise is possessed by Agnes who tells her how both she and Francoise got there. Cassie bargains with the Dark Fey King—she is to find the Codex Merlini and he'll help her find Tony, give sanctuary to Tomas, and release Pritkin's Golem from being hunted. Radella told JP that the Forest demanded a sacrifice and Mac offered himself in place of Cassie.[9]

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