Gamelans — a creature that appears in "Buying Trouble"

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Gamelans are small magical bird-like creatures. The harp on all the flaws of any person or being. They don't merely speak the truth, they rip away all the happy little lies we tell ourselves to mask it, forcing us to acknowledge it deep in our very souls. They make us face the raw facts about our lives, and most of the time, they're not pretty.

The bird was the sixth item up for action at Gerald & Company. Claire was hoping to get to the bird to free it format's cage so that she could escape. The tall Fey at the auction winked at Claire ust before he freed teh bird, then was tackled by a troll.[1]

Other DetailsEdit

  • Tiny brown bird
  • High, thin voice
  • The bird was in a small cage with a white cloth draped over it. It had on a muzzle specially fitted by a mage to keep it from talking.[2]

Quotes Edit

To Seb: "You have no talent for business, and three of your relatives are planning to kill you, Oh, and one of them is sleeping with your mistress."[3]
To Claire: "Your father never loved you, and he wasn't even your real father," it finally informed me. / I looked at it incredulously. "That was your best shot?" I'd figured that much out by the time I was six. / It gave an odd sort of bob with its whole body. "It's no fun when they already know their life sucks," it said to no one in particular, and flew off.[4]
"You're lazy and stupid, and nobody thinks you're tough," the gamelan told my guard. "And you look ridiculous in that suit."[5]

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