Gargoyles — first seen in Claimed by Shadow.

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Gargoyles are Dark Fey creatures from Faerie. The Gargoyle's shown in the series are the "illegal aliens" of the supe-world brought in from Faerie. Brought in by Tony's smuggling ring for cheap labor. Hiding at Dante's Casino acting as kitchen help to pay their way in this world. [1]

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  • Some have healer abilities
  • Can see ghosts

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  • Employed as guardians for temples in the ancient world
  • Employed as for magical edifices in later centuries
  • Kitchen help at Dante's since they fit the ambiance. [2]

Immigration to Mortal World Edit

  • They can't pass for human like the Light Fey, so their legal entrance is restricted. [3]

Characteristics / Nature / PersonalityEdit

  • Gargoyles view the kitchens as a sacred trust, as they once did the temples that fed them—they see the Graeae as a threat. [4]

Gargoyle Characters Edit

  • Miranda
  • "Donkey-Ears": short, wears a hairnet [5] Wore a tall chef's hat, one finger missing—the baby of the Misfits like him a lot.[6]

Pysical DescriptionEdit

  • Bat wings, clawed hands and long tails; Skin the color and texture of old stone
  • Faces are greenish gray face, like mildewed rock
  • eyes varied in color and size, but all of them seemed to glow, as if lit from inside
  • Their heads were everything from avian to reptilian, with a few furred ones here and there
  • Some had horns and others droopy ears
  • height ranged from maybe two feet to about shoulder height on a woman. [7]

There are varieties of individual looks

  • grayish scales, two-foot-long tongue
  • face of a dog and a bat's body, pointed tail
  • furry catlike face, donkey ears[8]
  • greenish colored blood [9]

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  • Tony brought them there to Dante's, then betray—they work like slaves.

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They have been coming into the mortal world for centuries. But the numbers have greatly increased recently because the Light Fey have been making things difficult for the Dark Fey—among whom the creatures we call gargoyles are numbered. The mages who handle Fey affairs have been complaining about the number of unauthorized arrivals as a result.

"They were traditionally employed as guardians for temples in the ancient world and for magical edifices in later centuries. But advances in warding have lessened the call for that kind of thing. Unlike the Light Fey, they can't pass for human, so their entrance is restricted." He scowled. "Their legal entrance," — John Pritkin [10]

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2. Claimed by ShadowEdit

There are many gargoyles working in Dante's kitchen. Illegal alien Dark Fey that Tony brought there then betrayed.[11] The Gargoyls brawl with the Graeae—they veiw them as threat to their sanctum, The Graeae misunderstood Cassie and thought she meant to fight them. Casanova promised to hide Miranda and her Gargoyles from the Circle mages in exchange for removing her geis on Pritkin.[12] Billy Joe reports: The Circle mages have closed Dante's, They are looking of Cassie blaming her for the death of two mages that Miranda's people did in self-defense. Casanova is blaming Cassie for wrecking Dante's, and he is hiding miranda and her gargoyles.[13]

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