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Herophile is the name that Apollo gives to Cassandra Palmer who has inherited the Pythia Power. The original Herophile was the second Pythia—she followed Apollo blindly.[1]Herophile was also the name of Agnes's predecessor. [2]

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  • The second Pythia—followed Apollo blindly and a but nutty
  • Agnes's predecessor—said Agnes would die of poisoning and a but nutty
  • Cassandra Palmer

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  • Herophile was former Pythia ages ago who Apollo believed he had nicely under his control.
  • She was second Pythia at Delphi. By all accounts, she was a little cracked, too. [1]

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2. Claimed by ShadowEdit

Agnes tells Cassie that Herophile was the name of Agnes's predecessor. Herophile swore Agnes' life would end with poison so Agnes developed the habit of dunking a charm or talisman of some sort in my beverages. She says that Herophile was a nutter—she told Agnes to buy stocks in '29.[2]

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