Homunculus- Alchemical Creation of Little People

Homunculus: The Alchemical Creation of Little People


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  • Homunculus is a kind of magical robot or automaton. It means "little man" in Latin.

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Homunculus is an artificially created human may seem to share some similarities with the Golem, but they are different. The Homunculus has it roots in Alchemy.

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In Tempt the Stars (#6), Cassie and John Pritkin (from a few weeks earlier) go back in time to try to talk to her mother. They encounter a giant automaton-like creatures that seem bent on killing them. Pritkin called it a Homunculus.[1] Cassie and John ar taken to Roger Palmer's cabin where Cassie learned the two Homunculus are ghost-powered from the ghosts themselves—Daisy and Sam.

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  1. Tempt the Stars, ch. 8

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