House Lachesis — Appears in "Buying Trouble".

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Claire is from House Lachesis. They've been know for centuries as the people to see for those serious about magical healing. Claire usually worked in the office side of the family business doing paperwork. She had helped to draw up the contracts for curse removal, until she had an attack of conscience on seeing how many of them were for the same people, over and over again. Their cures would work, but in the process place another curse on the sufferer. Lachesis family were known as miracle workers in the healing arts: half the curses they removed were their own. [1]

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  • Expert poisoners and curse removers.
  • The family had traded with the Fey for ingredients—there were records of payments made in the office—Claire was never been allowed to handle any of the materials herself, it went to the lab.[2]
  • Claire's father tried to sell Claire to the Light Fey as a slave. Her description matches that of the Svarestri clan.[3]
  • The whole family had had a vote, and they'd preferred Seb's bribes to my assurances.[4]

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Per Rumor, one of Claire's ancestor fled Venice after being involved in a poisoning affair that got a little too public. She settled in France, but that was the 1660s and a big poison scare was going on there, too. So she didn't think it smart to use her real name and chose Lachesis to be her name. In mythology, Lachesis—the Disposer—was one of the three Moirae, the Fates—She measured the spread of human life and determined its length. [5]

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