Incubus — First book seen in: Claimed by Shadow

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An Incubus is a demon that gains sustenance by draining life energy, mainly from mortals and usually through sexual encounters but not neccessarily. They can possess mortal or immortal beings.

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  • Drains life energy, mainly through sexual activity of some kind
  • Can possess other beings. [1]

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  • Incubi are no very high on the demonic power scale.[2]
  • They're usually extremely self-interested.[3]

Physical DescriptionEdit

  • Spirit form: [4]

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Method of ExecutionEdit

  • A spell laid down by the Demon Council that "sends the soul back through his or her lifetime, into previous versions of himself. When his soul reaches the beginning of its life journey, it will wink out of existence, and the body will die."[5]

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2. Claimed by ShadowEdit

Cassie tries to bargain with Carlos Casanova, an incubus-vampire, for Tony's whereabouts. Casanova turns on his incubus power to get Cassie to use her Pythia power to help him. It backfires when he runs into a Geis that was placed on her. He explains to her about Duthracht Geis.[2] Cassie and Pritkin get help escaping them War Mages from Chavez, an Incubus.[4] At the Lyceum Theatre in 1889, Cassie, in possession of Augusta, encounters that Spirit Creature from her previous trip to that time—it turns out to be an Incubus. He's in possession of Bram Stoker, and tries to enlist Cassie's help in trapping Dracula in a Magical Trap.[2]

6. Tempt the StarsEdit

After the trial, the Demon Council laid a spell on John Pritkin that regressed the Incubus inside him as a "method of execution.[6]

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