Jonas Marsden

Jonas Marsden, shown here as a young man, and Lady Phemonoe (Agnes)

Jonas Marsden — First mentioned in Claimed by Shadow

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Jonas Marsden, shown here as a young man, is head of the magical organization known as the Silver Circle. A demon expert, he was John Pritkin's trainer in Pritkin's early days with the Corps and remains a staunch friend. The pretty young woman with him is Lady Phemonoe, better known to Cassie by her birth name of Agnes. The former pythia, she had a long-running relationship with Marsden which they kept under wraps to maintain the image of pythian neutrality. They're shown here on an ill-fated date, when one of Jonas' famous flying cars ended up unexpectedly earthbound. ~ Take A Chance: Gallery

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  • Human Mage

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  • Magic, Alchemy


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  • If he was crossed—then you found out why he led the council for seven decades.
  • He almost always had food spilled down the front of him because he couldn't see. [1]
  • Deceptively scatter brained [2]

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  • Crazy, wild hair and coke bottle glasses—he looks like "Einstien on Acid".[3]
  • Oldest, scrawniest, least threatening man you've ever seen. [4]

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  • He kept running into things but he wouldn't wear his glasses or use charms to enhance his vision. [5]
  • He'd try to shake hands with coat racks. [6]

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2. Claimed by ShadowEdit

3. Embrace the NightEdit

DB–1.1. "Buying Trouble"Edit

It comes out that when Claire's father discovered that Jonas Marsden, the mage who headed up the Great Council, was retiring, he decided he would have the top spot himself or die trying.[7]

4. Curse the DawnEdit

5. Hunt the MoonEdit

6. Tempt the StarsEdit

Jonas had Cassie take him back in time to Tony's court to find a magical item—namely the paperwaight that holds Roger Palmer's spirit. But when they found it, he wouldn't let Cassie take it because it would effect the timeline. He only need to see it and to verify that Tony really had trapped Roger's spirit inside.[8]

7. Reap the WindEdit

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