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Laura is a ghost that haunts Tony's Farmhouse.

Laura was about six when she died. She was Cassie's only playmate as a child. She helped Cassie (around age 14) escape Tony by showing Cassie where to find her dad's hidden safe—with more than ten thousand dollars in it that Tony had missed—and acted as a lookout when Cassie ran away the first time. [1]

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  • Ghost of a child

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  • Can move through solid objects.


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  • Taught Cassie the of mud pies and playing practical jokes.[2]
  • She’s one of the sweetest ghosts Cassie ever met.
  • She likes to play.
  • Getting her cooperation was likely to be tricky, she turns everything into a game.
  • Seldom very patient

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  • Making up funny Latin mottos for Tony [3]
  • Hide-and-Seek [4]

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  • She drags around an old doll by the hair. 
  • When making a promise, she had to say "No foolies" or it didn't count.[5]

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Laura and Cassie used to play together when Cassie was a child—especially Nide-n-Seek.[6]

Laura, the spirit of the youngest girl in a family Tony had murdered around the turn of the last century. Her family home was an old German-built farmhouse that sat on sixty pretty acres outside Philadelphia. He didn't take the family's refusal to sell very well. Of course, he could have simply bought another house in the area, but I doubt that even crossed his mind. Both of them losing their families to Tony's ambition gave Laura and Cassie a bond. Whatever the reason, she had refused to stay in her grave under the old barn out back and roamed the estate at will.

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6. Tempt the StarsEdit

Cassie goes back in time to Tony's Court to find out information that Laura can give her while Jonas Marsden seeks the Magical Paperweight Snare. Cassie got tuck halfway through a wall shifting to chase her—she overheard a conversation by Mircea Basarab and Kit Marlowe[7] Billy later reports to Cassie what she told him. Cassie's parents live in the Boathouse behind the main house. They didn't like the main house and Tony didn't like them in it, or their demon friends. No one went there, not even ghosts, demons feed off ghost energy.[8]

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"He looks like Honeybun." Laura giggled. (referring to Jonas Marsden); "He's just fluffy." — Cassie answered[9]

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