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Marco Carales

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Marco Carales shows up in the Cassie Palmer series as a senior member of Mircea's household--and a 1500 year old vampire.

That makes him roughly three times as old as his current master. But it's power that counts in the vampire world, not age, and Mircea has more of it. But Marco is no slouch, either, and experience also counts for a lot. So, when Mircea was faced with the prospect of finding somebody up to the task of keeping his walking disaster area of a girlfriend alive, there was just no contest. Marco was it.

Now, this former gladiator is faced with a more daunting challenge than any he ever had in the arena. So far, he's managed it with style, humor and at least a modicum of affection for his young charge. And a lot of pain for anybody who tries to hurt her. ~ Take A Chance: Gallery

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  • Master Vampire

Physical DescriptionEdit

  • six foot five, maybe two hundred and fifty pounds, and built like a freight train;
  • Large and muscular, dark hair

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  • He’s a swarthy, hairy, foulmouthed, cigar-munching, example of machismo who is usually covered in weapons he doesn’t need because he’s also a master vampire.[1]
  • He tends to play mother hen with Cassie.


  • 1500 year old

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  • Very, very strong


  • Cassie's head bodyguard
  • Former gladiator

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  • none mentioned

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  • Smokes cigars

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He was one of the vamps who end up being traded around like playing cards. Marco was not as starry-eyed about his masters as those who are always part of one family line. He did adopt a few of his masters’ names in the beginning, but after the third trade he said screw it and took Carales (after the town in Italy where he once lived). And after using it for hundreds of years, he saw no need to change it once he came into Mircea’s service. ~ Karen Chance's Ramblings #20

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