Miranda — first appears in Claimed by Shadow

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Miranda is a gargoyle who works in the kitchen a the Head cook at Dante's Casino along with several other Gargoyles who are sort of the "illegal aliens" of the Magical World.

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  • Cook
  • leader of the group of Dark Fey

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  • Dainty ruby earrings in its pointed, catlike ears. [1]
  • fur-covered face [2]
  • Red eyes
  • hand that looked more like a paw. [3]
  • Fur on her catlike face.[4]

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  • Love children—especially babies—loves to fuss over them

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  • Keeps the kitchen floor pristine clean.
  • Tony had been using her for cheap labor.

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2. Claimed by ShadowEdit

In exchange for healing John Pritkin[5], Miranda put a geis on him not to reveal their existence to anyone. He was very upset, she thought it was a good trade. He demands that she remove it. She does after a lot of bargaining—Casanova agreed to hide them from the Silver Circle. [6]

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