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The Misfits are a motley crew of magical young strays who jokingly called themselves the "Misfit Mafia". They under the guardianship of Tamika Hodges. A group of about eight came to Cassie for shelter and aid after Tami was Taken into custody.

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  • Magic-using young runaway or orphaned human mages.

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There have various powers and abilities:

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  • The average age was eight, with several in the four-to-five-year-old range—it used to be that most were mid-to late teens [1]

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Current Misfits
Misfit Power About
Jesse Fluke, Misfit leader Tami's son; black boy, maybe fourteen, well-worn clothes with holes;


Astrid Null [3]
Jeannie Clairvoyant small girl with dishwater blond hair and big brown eyes; pointed out Cassie; had a teddy bear;[4]
unnamed Necromancer eight-year-old Asian boy; animated dead birds to entertain the baby; [5]

Past Misfits
Misfit Power About
Cassandra Palmer Clairvoyant was taken in by Tami while hiding out from Tony
Lucy Empath eleven-year-old; Cassie babysat her; read emotions and project & magnify them; [6]
Paolo Werewolf twelve-year-old Were who had been abandoned by his pack; rarely spoke; found his mangled body later, fled protection due to the full moon;[7]


  • Surviving

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  • Tami was a low-level null, which had helped her to keep the Misfits safe and the chaos to a minimum.[8]

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