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The North American Senate is the American branch of the Vampire Senate—the ruling government over Vampires. It is led by the Consul

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  • Rules over the vampires of North America

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Each Senate member has a specific function for that body, sort of like the presidential cabinet.[1]

Senate Positions
Position Holder Job Description
Consul (Position)

Consul (char), aka Cleo

Embassador Mircea Basarab Negotiations, Diplomacy
Spymaster Kit Marlowe gathers information through his spy network
Second Mei Ling "the Enforcer", enforces the decrees of the Senate by whatever means
Interrogator Jack Unofficial Torturer from the time he was turned
Ismita (one of the attacked Senators, may not pull through)[2]

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Senate MembersEdit

Chamber GuardsEdit

  • A matched set of four six-foot blonds who looked like they'd walked out of a medieval tapestry, complete with battle-axes slung across their wide backs and helmets with little nose guards.[3]

Laws / Treaties / AgreementsEdit

Character / NatureEdit

  • Senate ruled because they were strong enough to scare even vamps like Tony.[6]
  • Less-than-benevolent
  • Feared even among American Vampires

Senate Meeting ChamberEdit

  • A thick mahogany slab had been carved into a massive rectangular table tha had a row of seats along the side—the only furniture in the room—it weighed about a ton; raised on a mammoth black marble platform with steps. Petitioners and prisoners were allowed to stand below it. The rest of the room was a cavern several levels below ground —was carved out of red sandstone. There were huge black iron chandeliers sending jumping flames along the red walls. There were bright banners and coats of arms of the Senate members that hung behind each of their seats.[3]

Inner SanctumEdit

  • Small room, about ten by twelve, with bare stone walls, floor and ceiling with a pair of torches as the only light—one on either side of a rather mundane-looking metal cabinet. The cabinet door was open, showing rows of shelves full of black boxes. [7]



Other DetailsEdit

  • Consul addresses the chamber stating that their enemy has "lately obtained a new weapon, which can undo us at our very conception".[3]
  • It is said that the Senate members were so powerful that they had to feed only about once a week[9]
  • It wasn't a good idea to show fear or weakness in a court situation—the Senate was pretty much the court of courts.[3]
  • Senate, that its members were so powerful that they had to feed only about once a week[9]

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1. Touch the DarkEdit

Cassie is the focus of the Senate Chamber meeting. John Pritkin claims that the Pythia sent him to get "the Rogue". The Consul says they can protecter better since the War Mages recently demanded her "dead or alive", preferably dead. Chaos breaks out due to an assassination attempt on Cassie by two trusted guards.[3] [2]

2. Claimed by ShadowEdit

While at Mac's Tattoo Shop Cassie recalls how she liberated certain items—two Null Bombs, Magical Traps, and a velvet bag containing three Runes of Langgarn—from the Inner Sanctum of the Senate by accidentally shifting in time but the same space (after returning from 1661 France to save Louis and Radu with Mircea) when the Consul reached toward her.[10] Two members of the Senate—Mircea and Augusta—represented them at the European Convocation. [11] 

Outside M.A.G.I.C., Billy Joe reports that Mac's friends are on guard duty and that the Senate has Tomas—they're planning on executing him. All the halls and chambers are empty, all are crowded in the Senate for the show—vamps, mages, weres, maybe even a few Fey.[12] The Consul laid a trap for Cassie by torturing Tomas and announcing his planned execution. Cassie shifted into the Senate chamber, tried to take Tomas and shift out... but a Null Bomb prevented it. Consul demands she remove the geis she put on Mircea. Of course she couldn't—she never laid it, it settled itself into Mircea back in 1888, Cassie escapes with the help of John, Mac, and his flying tattoo shop.[4] It will be a while before they come after Cassie, Pritkin, Mac, and Kit Marlowe—they will need to obtain passes from the fey before they can enter Faerie—it's a death sentence not to have passes.[13]

3. Embrace the NightEdit

4. Curse the DawnEdit

Quotes Edit

The Senate was acting suspiciously nice, defending me against would-be assassins, not handing me over to Tony or the Circle, clucking over my health and making sure that my companions were ones I would like. It made me wonder what they wanted, and how much I wasn't going to enjoy giving it to them. — Cassie in Touch the Dark [14]

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