Pythia Court

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The Pythia Court is in charge of all Seers and Clairvoyants. It's headquartered at the Pythia Mansion.

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Positions, Titles, Terminology of the Pythia CourtEdit

  • Pythia: The world's chief Seer.
  • Heir: The one chosen to be the next Pythia from amongst the Sybils—"it is not an appointed position. The power goes where it will, to whoever is most worthy, the ancient texts say."[1]
  • Sybil: true clairvoyant—an Heir is chosen among these.[2]
  • Adepts: small group, chosen from the most gifted of the senior initiates. After Myra’s death, there were only five—carry the Pythian power.[3]
  • Acolytes: are the Adepts
  • Initiates: Trainees—in various stages of being trained.
    • Junior Initiates: young girls who have been identified with unusual promise; comprises most of the court.[4]
    • Senior Iinitiates: that’s most of them—those who have training but carry none of the Pythian power.[5]

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  • Silver Circle — The Pythia is a strong ally of the Circle, one of their chief assets.[6]

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1. Touch the DarkEdit

The Silver Circle demands Cassie's return and by the Senate's treaty with them, they have no right to refuse. a claim by any master would be enough to hold you, but not for a powerful seer. The Pythia's court has control over all such individuals.[7]

2. Claimed by ShadowEdit

The Circle has a new candidate for Pythia, one of the more docile Initiates. They believe that if both Cassie and Myra die, that she'll inherit.[8] Cassie is certain that John Pritkin wants to kill her to let Myra take her place—or one of the Initiates under the control of he Circle who can be easily manipulated, controlled or corrupted.[9]

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"There is no next in line," I told Pritkin flatly. "If there were another contender who could do a decent job, I'd have given her the damn power already! But the initiates are all under the control of your Circle, who I don't trust any more than the Black. I'm not going to hand world-shattering power to someone who can be manipulated, controlled or corrupted!” [9]

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