Pythia Mansion

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The Pythia Mansion housed the Pythia Court.

Cassie saw it as a child when Mircea had taken her there to get a glimpse of her mother when she was still the heir. It was lit up for the party that had been taking place that night and bathed in a warm golden glow. [1]

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  • London, England


  • It was a beautiful Georgian building with creamy white columns and elegant brick facade.[2]
  • Inside, there were high, neoclassical windows. There was lots of marble, some paneling that looked like it might be genuine mahogany, and a couple statues of Grecian-looking women holding jugs. A staircase, the one where Rhea had had her vision I assumed, ran up to a landing. A chandelier tinkled softly overhead, blown about by the freshening wind through a transom. It sounded impossibly loud to my straining ears, like the world’s most expensive wind chime.[3]

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  • a blackened crater in the center that still steamed despite the gentle rain. There were pieces across the street, pieces stabbed through surrounding buildings, and so much broken glass in the road that the emergency vehicles had been forced to park well away, to avoid blowing out their tires.

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  • There was a nursery—no survivors to the bomb. 

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6. Tempt the StarsEdit

There had been an explosion at the Mansion killing many of the young initiates. Jonas showed Cassie and the others (Caleb, Rhea, Zara, Evelyn, Beatrice and Marco) images magically projected onto a pair of doors of the rain-soaked, fire-gutted Mansion with too many body bags, and so small, laid out on the sidewalk—with more being drawn out. Some of the bodies came from the Nursery. Jonas thinks it was a bomb. [4]

Cassie brought Rhea and the three witches back in time about 15 before the explosion, to rescue the young initiates before they are killed.[5]

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