Rafe, aka Raphael

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Raphael, known by Cassie as "Rafe", is a Vampire and was a famous Renaissance painter.

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  • Vampire

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  • Renaissance painter

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  • Prefers to dress in casual chic

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  • One of the only people at Tony's who Cassie regretted leaving.[1]
  • Raphael often had nude male models.[2]
  • Rafe told Tomas that Cassie would go after Jimmy the Rat, and you told Tony—he set up that ambush in Dante's parking lot.[3]

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Raphael painted Cassie's bedroom when she was a child. He had made her ceiling full of angels that looked real enough that she thought they watched over her while she slept. He was one of the only people at Tony's whom she had ever regretted leaving, but she had away saying good-bye—she had no other choice: he belonged to Tony and, if asked a direct question by his master, had to tell him the truth.[4]

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✥ Raphael was the toast of Rome and the favorite artist of the Pope until he'd made the mistake of turning down a commission from a wealthy Florentine merchant in 1520. Tony had been trying to compete artistically with the Medicis: they had Michelangelo, so he needed Raphael. Rafe told him he already had more commissions than he could handle, and that, anyway, he painted frescoes for the Pope. He wasn't about to travel all the way to Florence merely to paint a dining room. It hadn't been a good move. Ever since, Rafe had been painting whatever Tony wanted, including Cassie's bedroom when she was a child.[5]

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1. Touch the DarkEdit

Rafe, one of the few people that Cassie trusted, was present in the waiting room of the Vampire Senate when Cassie woke up after being taken there by Tomas. If he was there, it was likely he was there under Tony's orders. Rafe stood by her in the Senate conference chamber, keepng her calm.[6] Cassie suspects that he may have told Pritkin, Tomas and Louis-César where to find her.[7] He is in the suite at M.A.G.I.C., and happy to see Cassie is safe. He partakes in feeding (not killing) on the Satyr-Were Hybrids with Mircea and Tomas, with Louis-Cesare watching. It was punishment meted out by the Senate for trying to kill Cassie and for betrayal against the Senate.[8] Rafe tries to explain to Cassie about the other rogue Sybil.[9] Rafe warns Mircea that Rasputin and his forces are attacking M.A.G.I.C.. While fleeing through the hidden hallways, Mircea catches on that it was Tomas who had betreyed them to Rasputin. He threatens Rafe to get Cassie's compliance, until Pritkin steps in. Mircea pushes himto a side room for his safety. [10]

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  • Source for Images and Into: Author's site. The Artist is not credited or I would name the artist.

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