Rhea Silvanus

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Rhea Silvanus is a young girl dressed in long with high-neck gown, assumed to be one of the witches when Cassie first met her alone in the kitchen or her Dante's hotel suite.[1] She turns out to be senior Pythia initiate (not an acolyte). [2]

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  • Human Pythia initiate

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  • Almost never has visions like she should—it's why she's still an initiate and not an acolyte. 


  • Pythia in training
  • Helps train the little ones

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  • Rhea had long light brown hair that curled down her back. Rhea seemed to nervous about being in the same room with Cassie. [3]
  • Dressed in long with high-neck gown
  • She looked like Agnes might have when she was young

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  • Seemingly shy, nervous, reserved and scared
  • Develops a backbone backed by her inate sense of honor, strong enough to go against the entire Pythia Court to see the truth with her own eyes.

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  • Family:
  • Friends: Cassandra Palmer
  • Cousin: her cousin is in the Covens, the witches brought her to Cassie, the Pythia
  • Other:

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“I saw Ares, towering over a field in front of a storm-racked sky. He was here, in this world, fighting our forces. And we were losing . . . badly. I only saw him. But it was so quick—just a flash. All of a sudden, I was somewhere else and seeing these terrible things, and there was lightning and thunder, and people were screaming and trees were crashing to the ground and the sky flooded red and . . . and I dropped the tray.”[4]

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6. Tempt the StarsEdit

Cassie first met Rhea Silvanus alone in the kitchen or her Dante's hotel suite. She was dressed in long with high-neck gown. Rhea seemed to nervous about being in the same room with Cassie. [5]

Rhea later tells Cassie about the Pythia Court, the betrayal by the Adepts, and about her vision of the god Ares make war on the Mortal World. 

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