Roger Palmer, aka Cassie's Father — first mentioned in Touch the Dark; first seen in _____.

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Roger Palmer is a mage who has been associated with the Dark Circle and is Cassandra Palmer's father and Elizabeth O'Donnell's (Artemis) husband.

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  • Human mage

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  • Had some abilities with ghosts, which was where Cassie got her ability.[1]
  • Created ghost-powered automatons—Homunculus. [2]


  • Dark Mage (really more of an independent mage)
  • Empoyee of Tony—his favorite human[3]
  • Tony used Roger's ability with ghosts to spy on his enemies or targets. [3]
  • Inventor: Homunculus,

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  • He picked fights he couldn’t win, stubbornly insisted on doing things his own way—it had gotten him killed.[4]
  • Bumbling guy, who dropped babies

Cassie's Memories of her DadEdit

  • Cassie's Dad is a sensation to her—strong hands throwing her into the air and spinning her around when they caught her.[5]
  • His laugh was a deep, rich chuckle that warmed her down to my toes and made her feel protected.[5]

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  • Cassie received her connection to the spirit world from him—his ability to communicate with ghosts.[6]
  • Mircea liked him. [6]
  • He brought Cassie to Tony's Court as a baby to show her off[7]

Magical Paperweight Snare Edit

✥ Tony paid some dark mages to devise a trap for your father while his operative tracked him down. It was designed to capture his spirit as it left his body after death, and it worked perfectly.[6]

✥ Roger's soul is trapped in a paperweight turned into a magical snare—trapped by Tony Gallina. Shortly before his and Cassie's Mom (Artemis) and their Buick were blown into a million pieces, Artemis had done something that had linked her soul to his. So when Roger’s spirit was captured in the magical snare Tony had devised, hers went along with it.[8]

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Roger worked for Tony, one of his favorite humans. Antonio viewed his refusal to give Cassie up to him when ordered to do so as a betrayal. He could not leave Roger alive and save face, but he did not want his death to deprive him of your father's gift. Cassie's parents fled when they realized you had inherited their gifts, knowing that Tony would take Cassie. He sent his best operatives to track them down and paid some dark mages to devise a trap for Cassie's father while he waited. It was designed to capture his spirit as it left his body after death, and it worked perfectly. When Mircea heard what had been done to Roger, he commanded Antonio to release him, but he resisted. He preferred to keep him confined as a perpetual punishment and a warning to others, even though he had discovered that Roger could not command ghosts now that he was one. He swore that it was impossible, and invited Mircea to have a mage of his choosing examine the trap. But the mage that Mircea chose, a member of the Circle who owed him a favor, told Mircea that he had never seen one like it, and that all his power was not sufficient to break it. As a result, Cassie's father's ghost still resides with Antonio. The Silver Circle should have enough power to release Roger from the trap.[6]

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1. Touch the DarkEdit

Cassie seeks out Jimmy the Rat to get information about her dad.[5] Cassie bargains with Mircea Basarab for information about her dad in exchange for helping to save Louis-Cesare at Carcassonne in 1661 from Rasputin and Myra.[9] Mircea tells Cassie that Antonio used Roger for his ability to talk to ghosts, using them as spies on he competitors. When Roger refused to hand over his daughter Cassie, who was showing signs of being a Seer, a Clairvoyant, he had him killed by Jimmy the Rat. Antonio hired a dark mage to trap Roger's spirit win a Magical Snare at the moment of his death. Mircea ordered him to release Roger, but proved impossible even by the mages that Mircea hired. Mircea suggests that the Circle has the power to release him, but they hate Roger for seducing Cassie's mother away from the Pythia Court. They might do it if the Pythia asks—if Cassie hose to become Pythia.[10]

2. Claimed by ShadowEdit

Cassie tells Mac the story about her dad being killed by Tony and his spirit being trapped in a paperweight snare.[11]

3. Embrace the NightEdit

4. Curse the DawnEdit

5. Hunt the MoonEdit

6. Tempt the StarsEdit

Cassie goes back in time with Pritkin. [12]

7. Reap the WindEdit

8. Ride the StormEdit

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"Just like your mother. You really know how to make an entrance." [13]

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