Rosier — Incubus Demon Lord

Rosier is an Incubus Demon Lord from one of the Hells.

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Rosier pops up from time to time in the Cassandra Palmer series of novels, usually to make sure that a bad day becomes a worse one. He only has the one name, since demon lords are like Madonna: everyone already knows who they are and—in Rosier's case—usually, wishes they didn't. You wouldn't think that would be true, since incubi tend to be one of the more happy-go-lucky versions of hell-spawn, and often get a warm welcome. But Rosier isn't an ordinary incubus, and he frequently causes havock whenever he bothers to show up. But he's powerful, too, and occasionally comes in handy when an ally, if not a friend, is needed in low places. — Really, really low. ~ Take A Chance: Gallery

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  • Incubus Demon

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  • Incubus Demon Lord

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  • In his Rosier’s warped view, John had been "playing about on earth long enough. It was time for him to take up his birthright and help the family by whoring himself out to the highest bidders." It did' matte rot Rosier that it would be worse than death to Pritkin, who hated the demon half of himself and everything that went with it. Rodger had spent centuries trying to get a corporeal son that he could use as a bargaining chip, and he was unlikely to relinquish him easily.[1]

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  1. Tempt the Stars, ch. 4, p. 49

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