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Satyr with pipe and a pipe case


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Satyr are half man (or woman) and half goat creatures, originally from Greek Myth. There are some Satyrs who work at Dante's Casino, primarily in the bar areas as they are associated with wine and drink and frollicking with women. 

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  • Rudimentary horns that poked out of the satyr's mahogany curly hair
  • Fur-covered haunches and glossy black hooves
  • Satyrs are usually erect, especially when females are around.[1]

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  • satyrs generally approve of anyone female and breathing.[2]
  • Satyrs, even the old, bald ones, think they're God's gift to women, and messing with that fantasy tends to have bad results. [3]
  • Satyrs seldom turn violent—they're more likely to run than fight.[4]
  • A depressed satyr is a miserable sight. They get drunk, play sad songs and loudly complain about the duplicity of women. [5]
  • Satyrs prefer to be nude—they believe wearing clothing suggests they have something to hide, that some part of their bodies isn't perfect.[6]

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  • A Satyr's genitals are normally always at full attention.[7]
  • There is one that works at Dante's Casino as a bartender. ... In myths they are often associated with pipe-playing.
  • There are a group of Satyr-Were Hybrids working at Dante's.[8]

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One of a class of lustful, drunken woodland gods. In Greek art they were represented as a man with a horse's ears and tail, but in Roman representations as a man with a goat's ears, tail, legs, and horns.

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1. Touch the DarkEdit

There is one who works in Pan's Flute. He took Cassie's order and went to get Jimmy, who had left.[9] Jimmy is part Satry and part Were-rat. 

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The Graeae caused the Satyr bartender's genitals to go flaccid (they never go flaccid normally). [10]

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