Tony's Court and Farmhouse Residence

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Tony, aka Antonio Gallina, is a vampire mobster who dates back to the Renaissance era and is head of his own vampire court.

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  • The hierarchy at Tony's was based on strength, with "might makes right" pretty much the only rule.[1]

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  • The Basement had been a euphemism for Tony's underground torture chambers.[2]
  • Most of Tony's crew had nicknames that were tied to either their favorite weapon or most prominent physical feature.[3]
  • Cassie's parents live in the Boathouse, a ramshackle cottage behind the main house. [4]
  • Better known as Guns R Us.[5]

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Tony lived in a historic Pre-Revolution farmhouse in the Pennsylvania countryside.[6]

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6. Tempt the Stars: Cassie and Jonas Marsden go back in time to rob Tony of the Paperweight snare.[7] Billy learned from Laura that Cassie's parents live in the Boathouse behind the main house.[8]

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