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War Mages are the cops of the Supernatural Community. They are wizards and witches who have been trained in human and magical combat techniques by the Circle [1]

The Silver Circle has a group of mages who are trained in combat techniques, both human and magical, who enforced the will of the Circle—this is called the Corps.

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They are authorized to kill rogue magic users on sight.[2]


  • Human with magic abilities

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  • War Mages had different branches—each focusing on a different Supe category—vamps, weres, demons, Fey, and magical creatures like dragons.[3]

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  • Magic users tend to live longer than most humans, including Witches.[4]
  • Vampires believed that war mages were dangerous, bloodthirsty and crazy.[5]
  • War Mages are known to never be unarmed—even after their armory has been removed.[6]
  • They have the Shoot first, ask questions if you feel like it later mentality. [7]

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