Witches, aka Gypsies

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Witches are a type of magic user. Most witches and covens are part of the Silver Circle. However, the most powerful Coven witches never joined the Silver Circle—they didn’t need to—and operate by their own rules.[1]

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  • Coven Witches: powerful enough to walk through the kinds of wards the Circle had on Cassie's place.[2]

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  • Magic users tend to live longer than most humans, including Witches.[3]


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Witches are common prey to slavers. They are sold to the Fey to increase their population while still keeping magic song in their bloodlines. Tony is running a covert slaving operation that abduct witches and sells them to the Light Fey[5]

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1. Touch the DarkEdit

Three witches are discovered bound and gagged in the basement at Dante's Casino. Cassie realizes that Tony is selling them to the slave trade with the Fey.[6] Tony has been selling magic users—Witches—to the Light Fey who are using them to breed with and replenish their numbers and eventually take over all of Faerie. During the battle in Date's parking lot the three witches that Cassie rescued killed the second Dark Mage that was about to kill her (while she was possessing Jonathan the first Dark Mage).[7] Mircea said that one of the witches Cassie assisted came to the Circle to describe her captivity Mircea was allowed to sit in on the questioning, since Antonio is his responsibility.[8]

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6. Tempt the StarsEdit

A groups of coven witch leaders showed up without an an appointment and broke into Cassie's suite through a window and breaking a ward to do it. All of Cassie's vampire guards were grim-facedly staying out of the lounge room where the witches had camped themselves—demanding refreshments. Fred, who was totally freaked out and stuttering, grabbed Cassie's bag of pastries to give to them because there wasn't any food in the suite.[9]

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